Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre

Blue Man Group Tickets

Astor Place Theatre | New York, New York

Yes, it is finally here: the night of incredible fun – Blue Man Group is coming to New York for a other show beyond imagination. The media has already defined it with one word: EXTRAORDINARY. Anyone who has seen Blue Man Group live knows that this truly is the most appropriate way to descibe the show the audience should expect on Wednesday 13th May 2020. And it is won’t be happening just anywhere! The supreme event of 2020, according to critics, will take place in New York’s favorite venue: Astor Place Theatre! Brilliant sound, enormous stage, and lively vibe, Astor Place Theatre is the most brilliant place to experience the one and only Blue Man Group on Wednesday 13th May 2020! See you there!

Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre

Are you ready for an evening of amazing other show action? Then you should be joining many other patrons who are excitedly awaiting Wednesday 13th May 2020 when the Astor Place Theatre brings Blue Man Group back to New York City New York for their latest show. This premiere will give fans a unrivalled experience that is guaranteed to entertain and delight. But it’s not just the event that has fans and critics excited for this Wednesday event, as the Astor Place Theatre also offers a wide selection of benefits and services that make this one of the most popular venues in town. Your ticket brings you one step closer to being treated like a celebrity by highly-trained staff who will make sure you have a amazing time at every show that comes to the Astor Place Theatre. This includes your choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages from the fan-favorite bartending staff. Comfortable seating and welcoming decor will also offer you the best in comfort, which ensures that your Wednesday night will be one you won’t soon forget. So, if you are ready for amazing other entertainment, then you know what to do. Click the Buy Tickets button below to secure your tickets to see Blue Man Group on Wednesday 13th May 2020!

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