Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre

Blue Man Group Tickets

Astor Place Theatre | New York, New York

You'll have to be fast to get tickets for this! Blue Man Group will be in New York October 2019 for their biggest event yet! Astor Place Theatre will lend the stage for this unsurpassed one-time event on Sunday 13th October 2019 which will offer fans and friends alike entertainment like nothing else! Blue Man Group have a huge fanbase and it's clear that they deserve it! They are widely known to offer some of the best entertainment in theatre and consistently provide unsurpassed talent to watch! There are limited tickets for this event, selling fast – grab yours now and get an e-ticket to save waiting in line at Astor Place Theatre's collection booth!

Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre

Astor Place Theatre has a past record of getting featured on excellent theatre venue lists due to the focus and attention to detail and atmosphere. With a fantastic theatre atmosphere that's superb for families and large groups of colleagues and absolutely the premier parking around, you won't ever have to struggle to love a show at the Astor Place Theatre. Even when you compare it to other theatre venues in New York City New York, you will find that there is a lot on offer at the Astor Place Theatre that you will not find anywhere else. But don't take our word for it, since this theatre destination was chosen by Blue Man Group for the next BIG October performance. So if you want to enjoy a evening out in a venue that is atmospheric, grand, and has great access to dining options nearby, then you will love the Astor Place Theatre.

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