Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre

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Astor Place Theatre | New York, New York

Blue Man Group

CALLING ALL PERFORMANCE ARTS FANS. The time has finally come for the legendary Blue Man Group to come to New York. Alongside some of the loudest audiences in the world, you have the chance to experience some of the hottest performers alive today. Or, you have the option to come purely for the venue. The world famous Astor Place Theatre has played host to some of the greatest events EVER. Either way, you are sure to be a part of the most must-see show of the decade. Grab your friends and get down to the Astor Place Theatre in New York. Pulses will be racing, crowds will be cheering, and it is sure to be an astounding night. Don’t miss out, get your tickets here!

If you're a passionate fan of the Blue Man Group, there's only one place in New York you'll want to see them - Astor Place Theatre! Committed to putting on first-rate shows and providing second-to-none customer service, as well as optimum staging and sight lines, and the most welcoming employees in New York, it's no wonder Astor Place Theatre has such a strong reputation! You'll also discover that Astor Place Theatre has access to nearby parking and a number of suitable bars to make your evening even more enjoyable! Ordering your ticket is as straightforward as clicking the link below!

Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre

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