Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre

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Astor Place Theatre | New York, New York

Blue Man Group

From the curtain rise to the curtain fall, fans of the iconic Blue Man Group will be blown away by their latest announcement that they will be performing live on Thursday 5th October 2023 at the sensational Astor Place Theatre in New York, New York. This show will be a spectacular journey bursting with stunning colours and breathtaking music that you won’t want to miss. As this performance arts company has been delivering show stopping shows for over 3 decades we can say with some certainty that this show will be no different, delivering a memorable experience for everyone. The only way you can watch the show is by coming to the Astor Place Theatre on Thursday 5th October 2023. To make sure you don’t miss out click the Buy Tickets button below to order your tickets today.

When it comes to eclectic performance art, you can’t think of a better example than Blue Man Group. Every one of their performances features custom built instruments including the Drumbone and Paint Drums, quirky performances about topics relevant to modern day audiences, and an unmistakable style that you can’t find anywhere else. It might be hard to imagine that such a world-wide performance group ever had a humble origin, especially when Cirque Du Soleil purchased the Blue Man Group as part of their family. But it all began in the late 1980s with three friends performing ‘public disturbances’ and street shows. These first shows celebrated the spirit of the 80s with burnings of Rambo dolls and pieces regarding the Berlin Wall and MTV’s Kurt Loder. Ever since then, Blue Man Group has kept their show relevant by talking about the latest events and phenomenons of modern day culture, including the Internet. It’s this timelessness that keeps Blue Man Group a popular show for theatre-goers everywhere.

Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre

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